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Master Wipe Way Wipers Master
For over 40 years, Master Wipe® Way Wipers have been the first choice for machine way protection. Master Wipe® Way Wipers afford machinery builders longer-lasting, more economical and more efficient wipers than any of our competitors. With the additional capability to withstand most corrosive fluids and sprays, Master Wipe® remains the industry standard.

About Bermar Associates, Inc.

Bermar AssociatesLooking for a production operation with full single-source mold-building and molding capabilities? You've found the right company! Bermar Associates, Inc., offers the following services in one location: product and tool design, mold building, sampling, production, process development and quality assurance.

We specialize in innovative and economical tooling. Bermar's patented mold system uses interchangeable core plates housed within a steel mold base. This system provides versatile, cost-effective "trial" configurations and short-run specialty shapes without the cost of building a full mold. For those interested in production molds, Bermar's team of designers and engineers can take your product from concept to production. We welcome volumes from one to one million pieces.

Company Detail

Janet Roncelli, President -
D.Gorney, VP / GM - 

In-House Services

Design: Engineer on-staff, Mastercam CAD/CAM
Maintenance: Full machine and bench capabilities
Quality: ISO 9001 compliant

Industries Served

  • Machine tool, medical, industrial, automotive, recreational and more
  • Prototype and short-run/low to medium volume
  • OEM contracts (1 - 1,000,000)

In-House Equipment

  • Fully-equipped mold-building facility, 11,000 sq. ft. plant
  • CNC machining centers, lathe, surface grinders, drill presses, welding and other mold-building equipment
  • Ideal for small to medium molds


Machining & Moldmaking:   Mold Production
Bridgeport VMC 76022, DX32
X Travel 30" Y Travel20" Z Travel15"
RPM 60-4000
Opening Distance 48" Gear Driven
BT40 Holders

Bridgeport VMC 3016
X Travel30" Y Travel16" Z Travel15"
RPM 60-10,000
Opening Distance 30" Belt Driven
BT40 Holders

Acer Lathe A.GS-618
17" High Speed
Engine Lathe

4 Bridgeport Mills
9" x 42" Table Size Digital Readout Tooling

4 Angle-lock Vices
1 11" x 11" Advance Cross Slide Rotary Table
3 1" Belt Sanders
1 6" Belt Sander
2 12" Band Saws
1 Boyer Schultz 6" x 18" Surface Grinder
1 SO-Cutter Grinder/Deckle Machine
1 14" Rollin Band Saw
1 Hobart TIG Welder
  Battenfeld Injection Molding Machine
100 Ton, 4 oz. Shot Size
16" x i 6.5" Tie Bar
Closed Loop

Battenfeld Injection Molding Machine
200 Ton, 14 oz. Shot Size
20" x 20" Tie Bar
Closed Loop

Kawaguchi Injection Molding Machine
100 Ton, 5.5 oz. Shot Size
16" x 16" Tie Bar
Closed Loop

Kawaguchi Injection Molding Machine
200 Ton, 14 oz. Shot Size
20" x 20" Tie Bar
Closed Loop

Kawaguchi Injection Molding Machine
400 Ton, 42 oz. Shot Size with Intrusion
28" x 24" Tie Bar
Closed Loop

Patented Mold Base
Allows Cost-Effective Tooling Options
Various Dryers
Support Equip. for Specialty Mold Items

Most Common Materials Used

  • Aluminum and steel mold bases
  • All primary thermoplastic polymers (nylon, polyurethane, ABS, HDPE, LPDE, PC, PP, PVC, SAN, TPR) and engineered resins


NTMA Precision Small Business Association of Michigan Society of Manufacturing Engineers Society of Petroleum Engineers
NAWB American Society for Quality tmata
Custom Injection Mold building - Bermar Associates