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Master Wipe Way Wipers Master
For over 40 years, Master Wipe® Way Wipers have been the first choice for machine way protection. Master Wipe® Way Wipers afford machinery builders longer-lasting, more economical and more efficient wipers than any of our competitors. With the additional capability to withstand most corrosive fluids and sprays, Master Wipe® remains the industry standard.

View Examples of Our Custom Plastic Injection Molding & CNC Machined Projects

At Bermar Associates, Inc., our custom CNC machining and plastic injection molding services provide the capabilities for manufacturing a broad range of PVC, polypropylene, and urethane products. Our expert services also cover mold design and mold making for these items, typically in one or two-cavity configurations. When required, our plastic machined parts can be assembled in conjunction with metal clips or springs. In addition, we feature full overmolding services, with the capacity to mold a plastic covering over a metal core.

Typical tolerances met for our CNC machining and plastic injection molding services run to .005” or lower. Parts can be as light as 18 grams or as heavy as 250 grams, and our services also include inspection and testing to ensure quality production runs. We can also package and ship your products worldwide.

Custom Injection Mold building - Bermar Associates