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CNC Machined & Custom Injection Molded Urethane Firearm Lens Scope Dust Covers

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Using our high-speed CNC machining centers, Bermar Associates, Inc. manufactured lens scope dust covers for the firearms and sporting guns industry. These lens covers protect the gun lens from scratches, dust and debris.

The 1-cavity mold was built with a 300-grit finish and placed in our 100-ton injection molding machine for maximum efficiency. Maintaining a .005 inch or tighter tolerance, we molded the products from black, urethane material to measure precisely 4.15 inches long, 1.44 inches wide and 1.79 inches high. The finished product weighed 18 grams.

After the lens scope covers were manufactured, we shipped all units in 14 x 14 x 14 inch cartons. The 3-week turnaround period allowed the customer to receive timely shipment of the products at their Michigan facility.

The custom, injection-molded covers met ISO per print requirements and satisfied the client’s quality expectations. We produce 1,500 lens scope covers annually for this consumer.

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CNC Machined & Custom Injection Molded Urethane Firearm Lens Scope Dust Covers


Custom Injection Molding of Firearm Lens Scope Protector Cover Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes   Injection Molded
Tightest Tolerance   +.005"
Material Thickness   .060"
Product Length   4.150"
Product Width   1.440"
Product Height   1.790"
Product Weight   25 grams
Shot Size   18 grams
Shrinkage Allowance   .014 per inch
Maximum Clamping Force   100 ton
Number of Cavities   1
Surface Roughness   200-300 Stone
Cutting Method   CNC Machining Center
Temperature Range   -40 to +200F
Base Material   P-20 Steel
Material Used   Urethane
Color   Black
Material Finish   Matte
Packaging   14" x 14" x 14" Carton/General Purpose
Secondary Operations Applied   Stretch part on fixture for specified distance & time
Industry for Use   Sporting Guns/Firearms
Volume   1,500 Annually
Delivery Time  

3 weeks

Delivery Location   Michigan
Standards Met   ISO per print requirement
Product Name   Dust Cover
Project Scope   Accessory for Firearm
Design Work   CAD
Drawing Type Accepted   IGS, DWG, AutoCAD, DXF
Product Description   Protection covers for front and rear scope lens on a firearm. It keeps the lens free from scratches, dust and debris.

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