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Master Wipe Way Wipers Master
For over 40 years, Master Wipe® Way Wipers have been the first choice for machine way protection. Master Wipe® Way Wipers afford machinery builders longer-lasting, more economical and more efficient wipers than any of our competitors. With the additional capability to withstand most corrosive fluids and sprays, Master Wipe® remains the industry standard.

Bermar Associates Provides Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services, Mold Making & Repair, and Plastic Part Design & Development

North American Quality Since 1969

ISOBermar Associates, Inc. has been a leader in the research and development of thermoplastic products for short-run production. With our patented interchangeable injection molding system and comprehensive service, Bermar Associates provides a single-source responsibility for your product.

We offer in-house CAD/CAM design services, engineering, and innovative solutions. Quality control and ISO 9001 compliance are the benchmarks of our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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