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Master Wipe Way Wipers Master
For over 40 years, Master Wipe® Way Wipers have been the first choice for machine way protection. Master Wipe® Way Wipers afford machinery builders longer-lasting, more economical and more efficient wipers than any of our competitors. With the additional capability to withstand most corrosive fluids and sprays, Master Wipe® remains the industry standard.

Standard Chip Deflectors

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Bermar Associates, Inc.Chip Deflectors are made of 16 gauge cold-rolled steel (16 GA CRS) and preformed to fit specific way wipers. These deflectors are ideal for hot chip applications and as stiffeners for added strength. When chip deflectors are applied, machine ways and way wipers are protected from damage by metal chips. Available in some standard sizes, deflectors can be fabricated to additional size specifications per your request, with or without hole patterns. Straight strip deflectors are useful (up to four feet long) for special applications. The chart below lists stock sizes for rectangular and straight strip deflectors. Metal options for straight strip wipers include galvanized as well as cold-rolled steel.

Chip Deflectors
Chip Deflectors

Mounting Instructions

  • 1. Slide wiper into position.
  • 2. Place deflector over wiper.
  • 3. Insert all screws. Leave loose.
  • 4. Use 1/16 x 90° shim under lip of deflector.
  • 5. Use 6" scale. Apply pressure 90° leg of wiper. Hold deflector against 1/16 shim.
  • 6. Same procedure across top of wiper. Then around remaining sides. Remove shim.
Chip Deflectors Diagram
Chip Deflectors Diagram

Chip Deflector

Model No. A B
CD-2010 2.125 1.125
CD-2011 2.125 1.250
CD-2210 2.375 1.125
CD-2510 2.625 1.125
CD-2511 2.625 1.25
CD-2512 2.625 1.375
CD-3012 3.125 1.375
CD-3113 3.25 1.50
CD-3516 3.625 1.75
CD-3712 3.875 1.375
CD-3715 3.875 1.625
CD-4016 4.125 1.750
CD-4020 4.125 2.125
CD-4217 4.375 1.875
CD-4515 4.625 1.625
CD-4722 4.875 2.375
CD-5212 5.375 1.375
CD-5525 5.625 1.375
CD-6025 6.125 2.625

Chip Deflector Strips

Model No. Width Length-A
CD-1 x 12 1 12
CD-1 x 24 1 24
CD-1 x 33 1 33
CD-1 x 36 1 36
CD-1 x 48 1 48


Chip Deflector Strip
Chip Deflector Strip

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